Use Billing Manager to create, send and manage invoices online.

Billing Manager is a DNN module that enables you to quickly & easily create, send and print invoices online.  Integrated with SmithCart and Registration Pro allowing customers to pay their bills online using credit card or eCheck processing.

Create One Time Invoices or Recurring Invoices
  • Create a one time invoice or have it sent repeatedly on a schedule of your choosing. Start and stop recurring cycles at anytime.
  • Specify recurring interval of weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  • Specify infinite recurring or number of times to recur credit card transaction.
  • Billing Manager includes the ability to set a recurring schedule for customers to be billed and invoiced automatically.
  • Customers pay invoices online or take payment over the phone using payment admin page.

Send, Email or Print your Invoices
  • With just a click, invoices can be delivered via e-mail or sent via snail mail. You can also print your invoices to keep a hard copy or to hand-deliver.
  • Send a reminder e-mail to past due clients is as easy as a click of a button.  

Tax and Shipping
  • You can automatically calculate and add tax to any invoice and can be a flat fee or based upon your preferred taxable rate.
  • Shipping charges can be conveniently added to any invoice, and you can choose whether they're taxable or not.

Client Management
  • Ability to add, update and delete clients
  • Once client information is saved create an invoice with a click of the mouse.
  • Maintain custom notes on your customers
  • Ability to sort customers by weekly, monthly, quarterly clients

Online Bill Payment with multiple payment options supported

Allow customers to pay their bills and invoices online using the Smith Payment Registration Pro module which is fully integrated with Billing Manager.  Both credit card and eCheck (ACH) are supported. Our online bill payment module supports the following gateways for real time credit card and eCheck processing:

  • Authorize.Net
  • PayPal Standard     
  • QuickBooks Merchant Services (QBMS)
  • QuickBooks (Innovative)
  • eWay (Australia)
  • Elavon Virtual Merchant
  • TransFirst
  • National Merchants, Inc (NMI)
  • Configure online bill payment so customers can pay via "PayPal", a standard gateway or give the customer the option to choose.

Please Note: The Smith Payment Registration Pro module must be purchased separately from Smith Billing Manager. To purchase Smith Payment Registration Pro click here.

Brand Your Invoices
  • Personalize the invoices you send by uploading your logo or adding text using our custom email templates.

International Clients
  • Send your invoices anywhere in the world.  Create and send invoices via e-mail or snail mail to international clients with the same ease as a domestic client.

Services and Products
  • Set up commonly used line items, such as services, descriptions, hourly rates, products and unit prices that you sell. Once they're set up, the system will remember them and with a couple clicks, you can use these line items on any invoice you create.
  • Define items as taxable or not

Custom per unit text
  • Customize the per unit text on your line items! Per hour, per day, per month, per box, etc.

PDF invoices
  • Create and e-mail PDF invoices directly from the Billing Manager module.  Customize using templates.

  • Paid invoices
    • Listing of invoices that are marked as paid status.
    • Ability to filter by month
    • Display total paid dollars for the month
    • Ability to drill into invoice to view detail of invoice from the listing screen
  • Unpaid invoices
    • Listing of invoices that are marked as unpaid status.
    • Ability to filter by month
    • Display total paid dollars for the month
    • Ability to drill into invoice to view detail lines items and payments.
  • View all of the invoices you've sent a given client
  • Track full payments and partial payments made by customers along with details about each payment you receive.

Fully Integrated with DNN
  • Billing Manager was developed from the ground up for DNN
  • Use DNN as contact DB to avoid double entry. – When a new customer is created or edited it will be saved in the Billing Manager customer table as well as the DNN profile
  • When customers pay their bills online they can log in and all their profile information is automatically populated so they don't have to enter anything.

Accept Credit Card and eCheck Payments Online
  • When you accept credit cards and eCheck payments online you will never hear "The check is in the mail".  Call us today at 949-218-9600 or signup online to setup your own merchant account.

Supported Versions
  • DNN version 6,7 & 8

Licensing and Source Code
  • Billing Manager is licensed by domain name or by server
  • Source code available for purchase

DNN Invoice and Billing Module