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RazorCart works great for both B2C and B2B sites and can support many different types of vertical markets including: general merchandise, clothing, music, software, food products, automotive products, books, computer products, etc. RazorCart is specifically designed for the small to mid-size merchant, looking to exercise complete control over their customer experience, while minimizing recurring monthly costs.

Yes. If you have a SSL certificate installed, our modules will use it automatically. Additionally, all our eCommerce modules have the option not to store credit card numbers. If you choose to store credit card numbers in the database, it is saved using a PCI approved RSA 256 bit encryption. Click here to read more about security and PCI compliance.

Yes, we provide custom programming, module setup and configuration, troubleshooting and training. We are able to provide a fixed quote on most projects with a well defined scope. If you would like a new feature added to one of our modules you can request a quote here here or email sales@smith-consulting.com with your request. For more information on our services and support click here.

  • Knowledgebase - Click here
  • Community Support Available Free -Community Forums
  • Priority Support - We offer 3 priority support packages; Standard, Premium and Enterprise. With each package you will be granted direct phone and email access to our technical support personnel.

RazorCart is licensed per domain or per server. Sub portals, child portals and sub domains that have the same top level domain name (TLD) only require one license. Click here for more information on licensing.

To request your license key after purchasing the cart click here and fill out the license request form.

We need to generate your license with your domain name in it in order for the licensing dll to work correctly.

Click here to access the cart downloads page. If you do not have access and are within threee months of purchase or have an active maintenance plan, please send and email to support@smith-consulting.com with your purchase receipt and your userid on our site and support will give you access to the downloads page. Click here for more information on upgrades.

Absolutely. RazorCart will run on localhost without a license key. Additionally, when you fill out the license request form you can specify your live domain and your test domain name. Your test domain needs to have a subdomain like test.mydomain.com. We encourage all customers to thoroughly test their implementation on a test server before deploying the software to a live environment.

Single licenses are non-transferable. Additionally, these license must be have a current upgrade contract. We do not allow end-users to transfer licenses to other end-users for a variety of reasons.

All software licenses include 90 days of free upgrades from date of purchase. After 90 days, Smith Consulting offers a Maintenance Plan to keep your software up to date. For more information click here.

Smith Consulting will provide refunds within 30 days of purchase if a significant bug or issue is found. We encourage all customers to review documentation and preview modules at www.smith-consulting.com before purchase. We also have trial versions for several of our modules that are available before purchase. We do not issue refunds or credits for any source code packages, custom programming projects or after license keys are generated.

Yes. Upgrade contracts and source is purchased seperately for each license.

  • Limits the display to 7 products with navigation (first, prev, next, last) disabled on product listing page
  • Displays a small trial message at the bottom of the screen
  • Expires in 15 days
Other than that it is a fully functional cart that can checkout and process credit cards.


When considering RazorCart as your ecommerce solution you have the option of selecting the RazorCart Hosted Solution or purchasing RazorCart and installing on your site. The following are the pros and cons to help you with your decision: Pros - Hosted Solution:

  • Quick to setup
  • Requires less technical skills
  • Includes web hosting

Cons - Hosted Solution:
  • Higher monthly fees
  • Harder to customize if you have a specific need

Pros - Buying
  • Cheaper cost of ownership in the long term
  • More customizable
  • Greater flexibility

Cons - Buying:
  • Higher upfront costs
  • More time for setup and install
  • Require some basic technical knowledge to get started

One of the major advantages of using RazorCart over non DNN solutions is that it runs within in the DNN CMS which no other cart on the market today can match in terms of CMS features and 3rd party modules available.