The eCommerce Experts

Founded in 2001, Smith Consulting is a leading provider of DNN, Orchard and WordPress eCommerce solutions, support, programming and ERP Integrations. We are veterans of the software and payment processing industry with a combined 25 years of experience providing credit card processing solutions and software. Our talented team has produced award-winning projects for clients such as Western Digital, Sunrider and one of the world's largest banks in California.

           Dave Smith is an industry veteran with more than twenty years of experience in technology, product strategy, eCommerce, ERP integration, software design, development and implementation.  Experience in many vertical markets including; Retail, manufacturing, finance, government, medical and high-tech industries.  He is responsible for overseeing day to day operations and client projects.  Dave holds a BS in Information and Computer Science from UCI and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Kelli Wetherell, our Operations Manager is responsible for the people, services, and technology needed to operate and sustain the organization. She has excellent organizational and interpersonal communication skills. Kelli is a focused self-starter, who loves people, painting, art and design.  She has a proven track record of setting and meeting ambitious operational and management goals and someone who is willing to help others at the drop of a hat.

Kevin Carlson, Project Manager Extraordinaire, is no stranger to getting your projects done efficiently and correctly. His sense of professionalism goes above and beyond. Kevin has been a part of our team since 2011 and continues to excel as our leading support technician and project manager.

Ala Musleh is a senior software engineer with strong web programming skills. He has a very technical background, with his Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems. Ala has been a part of our team since 2014 and knows his way around the code.

Wael Musleh is a senior programmer and App Developer. He has extensive experience developing native apps for iPhone and Android.  He has a strong background in Javascript, CSS, and C#. He joined our team in 2014 and continues to deliver projects with ease and exceptional quality. 

Kelsie Berry is our Marketing Specialist and newest addition to the SC team. Kelsie was born and raised in Southern California and has a background in graphic design and SEO strategies.  

Andrew Barton is a senior software developer with a strong academic background in computer science. He has over five years of experience in software development and has worked on many different projects in his career spanning all levels of the technology stack. His experience is comprehensive and ranges from front-end UI design to full-stack development of enterprise systems and applications.

Charles Doner is a Developer, Project Manager and Web Analyst and has successfully delivered on over 20 web projects. He specializes in e-commerce websites using HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and Web Services.  Chad is an expert in agile project management and is a certified SCRUM master.

Archibald Jeffries is a seasoned project manager and database administrator (DBA).  He has a strong background in large OLTP systems, OLAP systems, business intelligence applications and data architecture.  He knows SQL like the back of his hand and can optimize and tune databases for high performance. He has more than 15 years experience doing ERP integrations and handles most of our data migration projects.

Ashish David is one of our local senior contractors for projects on an as-needed basis.

Gary Tovey is one of our local senior contractors for projects on an as-needed basis.

We Are Passionate About Your Success

We're proud of the clients we've worked with over the years, but even prouder of the meaningful relationships we've built based on mutual success. While individual projects may span months, we focus on relationships and strategic partnerships that span years. It is this investment in our client relationships upon which we base our decision making, processes, and practices.