Standard Licenses

Our software modules are licensed per domain name and one license allows you to run the module on one live domain name and one test domain name. The license logic validates the primary domain name in the url giving you the ability to setup and run the module on multiple sub domains and child portals for your domain name. For example, if your live domain name is then you are able to use the module on the following domain Urls using a single license:


This will allow you to use the same license file for your test domain and your live domain. After you purchase a license the next step is to request your license key here The license request form has the following two domain name fields:

  • Live Domain - Your live (production) domain you will be running the store on (i.e.
  • Test Domain - Your test domain needs to have a sub domain like one of the following:
Enterprise Licenses

Enterprise licenses are valid for unlimited domains on one server. The license is issued by the WMI UUID. License re-issues are not available for enterprise licenses. No refunds are valid on Enterprise Licenses after any license has been issued. After you purchase a license the next step is to request your license key here.

Exchanging Licenses

Please take the time to choose and type your licensed domain names carefully before submitting your license request. Only one re-issue is allowed per order ID. If you need to change your license to another domain name, you need to contact our customer support and request a license key reissue. There is a $50 reissue fee. Our licensing department will send you a new license key to be used with your new domain name. Please note that you must remove the software from the old site before installing it at the new location. *License reissues are granted up to one year of your purchase date.*

Upgrade Policy

All software licenses include 3 months of free upgrades from date of purchase. After 3 months, we offer the following options to get the latest software releases:

  • Maintenance Plan - $85/month
  • 50% Discount Within 6 Months of Original Purchase Date
  • 20% Discount After 6 Months from Original Purchase Date

We release new versions of our modules frequently with bug fixes, security patches and new features which provide a level of protection for your eCommerce site. You get unlimited access to upgrades throughout the year to keep your eCommerce site running smoothly. You also get access to our Premium Help Desk to answer your support questions. This package includes up to 7 hours of Premium Support and is valid for one domain name. Each additional domain name requires a separate maintenace contract. All credits expire after one year of your subscription. Credits do not roll-over into the next subscription period. If you are interested in full website support please contact us for a custom quote.

If I purchase custom programming, is my license/upgrade included?

Custom programming quotes do not include upgrading the latest package/source code unless otherwise specified on your work authorization. The regular upgrade/license rates apply to custom programming projects.

Support Policy

Smith Consulting offers a number of free support options including the following:

How can I purchase additional support?

If the free resources we provide aren't meeting the demands of your business, Premium Support provided by our in-house team of experts is available. Premium Support is classified as any support that requires hands-on efforts by our trained technicians, including but not limited to:

  • Phone Support
  • Screen Share Meetings
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting in Your Enviornment
  • Data Migration (Imports/Exports)
  • Logging in to Your Website
What type of support is available if I use a Smith Consulting Hosted Solution?

Any customer using a Smith Consulting hosted solution, receives unlimited free Email Tickets for the lifetime of their subscription. There's no hardware costs, no hassling with software updates and no commitment.

How do I get in contact with the Support Department?

To reach the Support Department your ticket must be submitted to our Premium Help Desk or contact the support department by emailing All tickets, regardless of the type, must be submitted this way.

What kind of turnaround can I expect for a support ticket?

Smith Consulting's support staff responds to issues in the order they come in and makes every effort to respond as soon as possible. Premium Help Desk tickets submitted before 1pm PST will receive a response on the same day. Premium tickets submitted after 1pm PST will receive a response on the next business day at the latest. Customers taking advantage of our Free Support options can always expect a response within 3 business days. In most cases our responses are much quicker than this; however, we do give priority to requests from clients with Premium Support. Customers should understand that response times are based on a number of factors, including workload, severity and complexity of issues, and many other factors.

What happens if I purchase support and my issue turns out to be a bug?

If you open a support ticket with our staff and the issue is a verified bug in the latest release, you will not be charged for our programmers to fix the issue. It will be added to our internal bug tracker system and addressed in order of severity. If you discover a bug in an earlier release which has already been resolved in the latest release you will be advised to upgrade to the latest release. Upgrade pricing will apply if you are outside of your 3 month free upgrade window. We release new versions with bug fixes, security patches and new features which provides a level of protection for your ecommerce site. Customers on earlier versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade to a recent release to ensure your store is as up to date as possible and to maintain an active Maintenance Plan whenever possible.

What support is offered on custom projects?

Custom programming quotes do not include upgrading the latest package/source code unless otherwise specified on your work authorization. All custom programming and consulting projects have a warranty of 30 days. Any issues reported within 30 days will be addressed. After the warranty period is expired, custom projects are considered closed and signed off if we have not been made aware of any issues. Issues reported outside of 30 days will be treated as new issues. Priority support is available to troubleshoot new issues.

What support options are available for obsolete releases?

In order to devote as many of our resources as possible to moving the product forward, we can only fully support the latest version of each edition of the software we provide. While we try to offer help to all of our users, customers on earlier versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade to a recent release, and may seek assistance regarding configuration & how-to questions, in the community forums. Smith Consulting provides Maintenance Plans to ensure customers have access to the most recent features and bug fixes. Smith Consulting does not release updates for obsolete products. That being said, customers on older versions of our products are encouraged to upgrade to the most recent release as subsequent releases not only offer new features but may include changes to how specific pieces of the product works, thereby eliminating issues seen in older versions of products.

Refund Policy

For Software / Modules / Components We will provide refunds within 30 days of purchase if a significant bug or issue is found. We encourage all customers to review documentation and preview modules at before purchase. We also have trial versions for several of our modules that are available before purchase. We do not issue refunds or credits for any source code packages, support credits, subscriptions, module maintenance plans, premium support, custom programming projects or after license keys are generated. All subscriptions must be canceled within 30 days to avoid further charges.