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sku Product SKU:  RazorCart

Why choose RazorCart?

Easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to modify

eCommerce, Perfected.

Get your store up and running fast. Take control with RazorCart. Our new and improved module has a beautiful and robust administration console that boasts full management of your store and all of the tasks that come along with running an eCommerce site. We are taking the guesswork out of eCommerce management, and we think you'll like it

All of Your Content, All in One Place. RazorCart has the capacity to run on multiple portals, leaving you with truly unlimited options for configuring the perfect eCommerce solution. You can now manage multiple stores from the same dashboard. Being an eCommerce pro has never been easier.

A Fresh New Look at eCommerce.

Our custom view set supports fully editable templates. Extended templates allow you to modify the interface and the flow of your checkout from start to finish. You can even write your own code-behind to make RazorCart fully customizable and scaleable, no matter what your client needs. Customizations can include any number of technologies: Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and many others. RazorCart has all of the extensibility you need for any project, big or small.







USD 495.0000

SmithCart DNN Module

sku Product SKU:  SmithCart

Simply the most user friendly shopping cart module for DotNetNuke on the market today! Easy to configure backend cart settings will get you up and running fast.

dnn registration demo dnn registration manual

Features Highlights:
  • Unlimited products,categories and sub categories
  • Separate categories module can be customized and placed in any pane
  • Custom product attributes supported
  • Product attributes support price and weight adjustments
  • Multiple images per product.  Image dynamically changes when product attribute changes
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 column product layouts supported
  • Bundled products
  • Sell downloadable or physical goods.
  • Ability to configure as product catalog.  Module settings to show/hide prices, quantity, sku and add to cart button
  • User entered amounts supported
  • Rich text editor support for product description
  • Multiple Catalogs per store supported
  • Recurring billing support with Authorize.Net and First Data payment gateways
  • Real time USPS, UPS and UPS Worldship shipping rates
  • Custom shipping methods/costs
  • Separate domestic and international handling charge configurable in module settings
  • Print labels and postage
  • Real time tax calculation
  • Products configurable as taxable or non taxable
  • VAT/GST Tax
  • Real time credit card processing (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB)
  • Real time ACH eCheck processing with account number and routing number verification
  • Mini Cart Module
  • Automated email order confirmations to customer, store administrator and fulfilment house
  • Support for coupons and discounts
  • Affiliate tracking support
  • My Account module for user to check their order
  • Printable invoice
  • Supports DNN Versions 4.x.x - 7.x.x

Supported Payment Gateways

SmithCart v. Smith Ecommerce Suite

Product comparison: SmithCart eCommerce Suite
PRICING $399 $1,599
1. BuyNow - The main cart module that includes the product listing, cart, checkout, and store admin screens.
2. Product Detail - The product detail page that displays the main product image, product variants, variant images, image galleries, and tab control with product descriptions, related products, reviews, etc.
2. My Account - Allows users to login and check their order status, order history, payment history, and download soft goods. It also allows includes a printable invoice.
3. MiniCart - Displays a summary of the items currently in the cart and allows user to remain on product catalog page while adding products to the cart.
5. Category Menu - Displays the categories and subcategories you have defined in your store. It is used to filter the products by category or sub category.
6. Featured Products - Displays products featured products, new releases or top selling products. This can be displayed alongside your product catalog to up sell or cross sell users.
7. Affiliate Tracking - A specialized marketing module that allows you to track click thrus and referral purchases from your affiliates.
8. The Department Menu - Displays the Departments you have defined in your store and allowing your customers to filter products by department.
9. Manufacturer Menu - Displays the Manufacturers you have defined in your store allowing customers to filter products by Manufactuerer
10. Store Locator - Enables your customers to locate your retail locations using the intuitive Google maps interface.
11. Advanced Search - allows you to configure custom dropdown boxes and text boxes that provide keyword and wildcard searches to enable users to find products easily.
12. StoreFront Slider - creates a home page slideshow in order to make your website visually appealing to potential customers
13. Autoship - An automatic ordering program that allows representatives or customers of a company to place orders that are shipped automatically on a recurring basis (usually monthly)
14. Product Compare - Allows shoppers to compare a shortlist of products side-by-side and eliminating the need to navigate back and forth between product pages.
15. Reviews - Provides adde functionality to allows your customers to write reviews on your site.
16. ShareBar - provides a social media toolbar for sharing your website across the most popular social media websites. Enable your customers to share your content on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and many more.
17. Videos - Allows you to stream product-related videos in your store. Videos can be streamed from any website such as YouTube or Vimeo
18. Booking and Scheduling - Handles bookings, scheduling and reservations allowing you to offer and manage all kinds of bookable products efficiently and easily in your store
19. Gift Registry - Allows you to add a gift registry or wedding registry to your store!
20. Address Book - Provides buyers, purchasing managers or customer service reps the ability to take orders on behalf of customers while logged with their own DNN account.
21. Gatekeeper - Provides additional features and security for your downloadable products. Features include: Anti-piracy features for electronic products, Velocity Checks and PDF Watermarking/Stamping.
22. Sales Rep - Provides the ability for you to add, update and delete Sales Reps, track their sales and manage their commissions.
23. Quick Order Entry - Allows users who know what they want to quickly locate items by SKU and add them to the cart for checkout.
24. Return Material Authorization (RMA) - Designed for any business that handles returns processing. Supports all vendor types -Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers.
25. 3D Rotator - Allows customers to rotate products on an XYZ axis to examine product from all angles and make informed decisions before buying.
26. Articles - Allows you to display content from digArticles (dignuke.com) on your SmithCart product details page or any page in your DNN portal.

Source code is written in C# and available for purchase

USD 495.0000

Payment Registration Pro

sku Product SKU:  SmithRegPro

Enable your DNN portal with online bill payment, registrations and subscriptions with credit card and eCheck processing. Easy to setup and simple for customers to pay online!

Live Demo Product Manual

Online Payment Registration Features
  • User Friendly 3 step checkout with integrated ecommerce
  • Module retrieves logged in users profile information to enable Fast Checkout
  • One time payments or recurring billing
  • Custom registration settings for configuring product/service, subscription, price, custom redirect page, payment gateway, merchant account and test/live mode checkbox
  • Ability to configure payment amount to be entered by the user. This feature is perfect for accepting donations for charity or non profit orgnaizations
  • Surchage and Service Fees (Percentage or Amount)
  • Coupons and Discounts
  • Option for user to enter their UserID or default to email address
  • Custom registration settings for configuring length of subscription, subscription interval and total occurrences
  • If recurring credit card subscription fails authorization user is automatically removed from DNN role.
  • Trial subscriptions and amounts supported enable you to offer one or two months free or at a discounted price when the customer registers.
  • Serial Number Management / Auto Generate Serial Numbers upon successful registration
  • Real time Gift Card / Membership Card Integration

Recurring Billing Features
  • Daily,weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, every 2 months, quartly, semi-annual,and yearly recurring billing supported
  • Option for user to enter recurring billing start day
  • Custom registration settings for configuring length of subscription, subscription interval and total occurrences
  • If recurring credit card subscription fails authorization user is automatically removed from DNN role
  • Trial subscriptions and amounts supported enable you to offer one or two months free or at a discounted price when the customer registers

Email Confirmation
  • Confirmation email sent to customer and administrator. Email subject and body are customizable in module settings
  • Personlize confirmation emails by adding tokens for first name, last name, username, password, email, maked credit card #, registrant’s phone number, address (street, city, state, and zip code) and order total
  • Rich text editor support (FCKEditor) to customize email body

User Role Features
  • User is added to admin configurable DNN role you choose automatically after they register
  • Ability to add the user to one or more roles upon successful registration
  • Option to remove a user from one or more roles after successful registration

Custom Fields
  • Quantity Textbox
  • Invoice Number
  • Surcharge and Fee
  • Show/Hide Company Name
  • Custom Dropdown Lists
  • Custom Checkboxes
  • Custom Listboxs
  • File Upload Control (i.e. Images, PDF, etc)
  • Custom multiline textbox can be used to collect comments or specials instructions
  • Option to show or hide custom fields
  • Option to make custom fields optional or required

Integrated Payment Gateways
  • Authorize.Net(AIM)
  • Authorize.Net (SIM)
  • PayPal Standard
  • QuickBooks Merchant Services (QBMS)
  • QuickBooks (Innovative)
  • SkipJack
  • eWay (Australia)
  • TransFirst
  • National Merchants, Inc (NMI)

  • For a list of all integrated payment gateways that the Registration Pro Module supports click here.

USD 199.0000


Salesforce Pardot for RazorCart

sku Product SKU:  pardot


Salesforce Pardot for RazorCart

Salesforce Pardot for RazorCart allows you to sync your eCommerce store to your Pardot system to allow your marketing and sales teams to work together.





USD 0.0000

Booking Module

sku Product SKU:  Booking

The Smith Booking module handles bookings, scheduling and reservations and allows you to offer and manage all kinds of bookable products efficiently and easily in your store. 

Live Demo Product Manual

Online Booking Features
The Smith Booking module is fully integrated with SmithCart and DotNetNuke and can be used for different types of businesses including:
  • Booking Reservations
  • Accommodation Booking
  • Rentals - Hotel, Car, Etc.
  • Event Management
  • Facility Reservation and Scheduling
  • Conference Room Reservations

USD 250.0000

Store Locator

sku Product SKU:  Smith Locator

The Smith Store Locator enables your customers to utilize Google Maps functionality, while locating retailers specific to your business.

Live Demo Product Manual

Fully integrated with Google Maps, the Smith Store Locator module can integrate any number of locations onto a map where site visitors can easily access the information they’re looking for, as well as Google Driving Directions and Street View options.

Figure 1 - Configured retailers appear on a Google Map, embedded within the

Figure 2 - Google Driving Directions to a retailer can be accessed directly 
through the module.

Figure 3 - Google Street View of a retailer can be accessed directly through 
the module.

If you have multiple locations that your business operates out of, a Smith Store Locator is an important module for your website to utilize! Purchasing your product should always be the easiest thing for a customer to do on your site, and that includes finding physical locations. 

USD 150.0000

Returns Material Authorization (RMA)

sku Product SKU:  SmithRMA

dnn registration demo     dnn registration manual

Smith RMA is designed to provide you with the ability to handle the process of Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA’s) for your online storefront, also referred to as: Return Goods Authorization (RGA), or return merchandise agreement.

Smith RMA is fully integrated with Smith Cart and provides the following features:

  • Manages Customer Returns
  • Customers, Products and Orders integrated with SmithCart
  • Designed for any type of vendors - Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers.
  • Business To Business (B2B) Returns Processing.
  • Business To Consumer (B2C) Returns Processing.
  • Support for Single, or Multiple items per or RMA Case
  • Paperless returns processing.
  • Automatic email notifications for customers when new updates to their RMA Case are available.
  • Automatic email notifications for vendor when new RMA Requests are on the way, or are pending.
  • Multi line Notes for supplemental information
  • Review, reject or approve new RMA Requests
  • Reject or Approve individual items from multiple-item RMA
  • Generate RMA Numbers or Enter your own
  • Assign automatically generated RMA Numbers.
  • Support for custom RMA status like Warranty Status, Inspection Findings, Item Resolution, and Item Disposition.
  • Support for automatic Product Sku Validation. System validates product skus with SmithCart order and automatically rejects invalid codes.
  • RMAs can be adjusted on receipt
  • Easily navigate your RMA's 

USD 495.0000

Product Slider

sku Product SKU:  StoreSlider

The Smith Store Slider module is a new and innovative way to display your products to your customers, and comes with two modules!

dnn registration demo     dnn registration manual

When placed on the front page of your website, the module is able to highlight the featured products and variants you have created within your Smith Cart Module, while giving your website a professional and polished appearance.

The Smith Store Slider module creates a home page slideshow in order to make your website visually appealing to potential customers. The Smith Store Slider also provides three separate tabs in order to showcase your line of products by Featured Variants, Featured Products, and a user-defined tab.

USD 175.0000