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2/7/2011 6:36 AM

Hi there,

I had made a single test purchase (purchasing just one item), when i open "export orders" i get five lines of order entry each with different prices, the price of the order (free shipping) was £10 however the other four lines (which contain identical info apart from price) had shown the folling prices:

line 2 £7.60

line 3 12.60

line 4 194.50

line 5 10.00

i have attached a screen shot which shows replication of this error through multiple purchases

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2/8/2011 6:20 PM

In the export orders screen, did you choose the Hierarchical format or the flat format?

  • The hierarchical format creates the order and order detail records on separate rows in theCSV file.
  • The flat format creates the order and order detail records on separate rows in the CSV file.

(The top one is hierarchical and the bottom one is a flat format)


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2/9/2011 1:02 AM

Hi Christian

Our backoffice are unable to use the hierarchical format as it does not comply with their work ethic. We had the flat format built so that an order is placed on a single line which also contained the client details. I have attached a flat format which i exported. As an example, if you look at the first line you will notice that even though a single item was purchased; the file shows the order item multiple times with different order total (also the quantity and cost are the wrong way round i.e. quantity row is referencing price and cost row is referencing quantity(in this insatnce the first order at the top was an item costing £10 and zero shipping cost)).

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2/24/2011 6:45 PM

Programming is looking into this now, thanks for reporting it!



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2/27/2011 4:04 PM
Accepted Answer 

The export orders issue has been fixed and will be available in the next cart release 4.22. Thanks

At your service,
Dave Smith
DotNetNuke Consulting, DotNetNuke Store and DNN Ecommerce
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2/28/2011 1:33 AM

could you please advise when cart release 4.22 will be available?

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2/28/2011 5:46 PM

4.22 will be released on March 15th, or if you need it sooner, it was just the fix was just stored procedure so just run the following stored procedure from SQL managemetn studio:





ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[dnn_Smith_SA_ListExportOrders]

@PortalId int


select distinct o.orderid,o.orderdate,o.status,convert(varchar,o.taxtotal) as taxtotal,o.shipmethod,o.shipdate,o.trackingnumber,

convert(varchar,o.shippingtotal) as shippingtotal,convert(varchar,o.handlingcharge) as handlingcharge,

convert(varchar,o.discount) as discount, o.affiliateid,o.specialinstructions,



min(od.productid) as productid, min(od.productsku) as productsku, min(od.ProductName) as productname,

ph.billingaddress,ph.billingzip,ph.acctno,ph.exproute,convert(varchar,ph.amount) as amount,ph.transid,

ph.payhistid,ph.authcode,ph.notes,ph.status as paystatus,ph.billingname,ph.billingcity,ph.billingstate,ph.billingcountry

from dnn_smith_storeorders o

inner join dnn_smith_customer c on

o.customerid = c.customerid

left outer join dnn_smith_storeorderdetails od on

o.orderid = od.orderid

inner join dnn_smith_payhist ph on

o.payhistid = ph.payhistid

where o.portalid = @PortalId

group by c.customerid,c.firstname,c.lastname,c.email,c.Address1,c.address2,c.City,c.state,c.country,




order by o.orderid desc

Make sure that if your using an object quilifier you change it before running this stored procedure!



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