RazorCart DNN Module (DNN 8.0.4 and above)

Main Features:
  • ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller) Design Pattern
  • AngularJS — Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework
  • Bootstrap — The world's most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end
  • Custom View-Set Support with Razor Syntax Editor
  • Multi-Portal — Multi-Store
  • Independent Admin Console with Dashboard Statistics
  • Support SmithCart upgrade configuration

Changelog RazorCart ver. 01.03.09 – Released: Mar 15, 2018

  • Added new localization labels for the MyAccount, List & Checkout modules
  • Add new booking options for setting min/max time durations
  • Improvement for the Booking API functionality
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the issue where deleted products can be retrieved using the full URL
  • Address the issue when converting the booking selected value from JSON (time zone issue)

RazorCart ver. 01.03.08 – Released: Feb 27, 2018

  • Improvement for the Booking functionality thru Web API
  • Implemented User Opt-In option for the SMS Booking Reminder
Bug Fixes:
  • Address the issue where processing payments in Admin-Console might fail
  • Address the AddToCart QueryString issue caused by UserEnteredAmount validation
  • Fix add/edit order details items that have variant or booking info

RazorCart ver. 01.03.07 – Released: Feb 21, 2018

  • Implemented new time booking management (15 & 30) minutes durations
  • Added Booking Reminder via SMS Text Messages using pre-defined templates
  • Added Authorize.Net (Card Present) support for Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
Bug Fixes:
  • Address the issue where REST API & ShipWorks returns empty orders list
  • Fix PayPal sending amounts value with comma separator
  • Address the Admin-Console issue when DNNFriendlyUrl is not set to Advanced

RazorCart ver. 01.03.06 – Released: Feb 5, 2018

  • Implemented canceling subscriptions for My-Account module
  • Added 'Manage Subscriptions' screen for Admin-Console
  • Improvement for recurring payment scheduling
  • Full localization the Checkout module viewset
Bug Fixes:
  • Address the issue where ship method radio-buttons not showing for certain cases
  • Fix PayPal sending amount value with comma separator
  • Fix the issue where print order button returns unauthorized for not logged-in users

RazorCart ver. 01.03.05 – Released: Jan 15, 2018

  • Implemented the Admin-Console Store Permissions - allows you to setup regular users to access/manage only specific areas of your store(s)
  • Added 0-weight free shipping method (Ship Method List) to allow checkout with non-physical items
  • Implemented Localization for the Admin-Console navigation menu –admin pages will follow in the next release(s)–
  • Added two custom fields for the Checkout module
  • Added filtering by OrderStatus for the Manage Orders page
  • Added localization to the MyAccount module
  • Convert ShipMethod list from drop-down menu to radio buttons and removed calculate shipping button for better checkout experience
  • Product Slider Module - Added new setting that lets you display a default category of products in the slider
Bug Fixes:
  • Address the issue where {objectQualifier} is not used in certain places
  • Update the installation manifest to address some EVS warning messages
  • Update to the new UPS change which requires only using the TLS Security Protocol

RazorCart ver. 01.03.04 – Released: Dec 21, 2017

  • Implemented the focus on the first invalid form element (Details & Checkout modules)
  • Added error trapping for the Order CSV Import
  • Added Product List setting for Default Category on first module load
  • Product Import/Export: Use Sku for the RelatedProduct field, use SeoUrl for the Categories field
  • Implemented Product Security Roles for the Search module
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix the issue where applying product discount does not work properly
  • Fix the issue where making CC charge may not work from Admin-Console
  • Address the issue where the Store Name does not update when saving Store Setup
  • Address the issue where License Keys for the extensions shows Invalid Product

RazorCart ver. 01.03.03 – Released: Dec 13, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Implemented the product user role eligibility for the Product-Details module
  • Order Export - Now the payment details is included with the order CSV export file
  • Order Import - Added functionality to import orders using CSV file
  • Added functionality to filter orders using the payment method type
  • Added functionality to control payment methods by user roles during the checkout
  • Product Listing module - Sort options added to Resx file for language localization
Bug Fixes:
  • Delete all related records when deleting an order
  • Fix the issue where Category module displays special character with MS Edge
  • Fix installation issue when using the DNN {ObjectQualifier}
  • Address the issue where the payment scheduler could add one more occurrence
  • Address the issue where the coupon shipping amount does not update the shipping total

RazorCart ver. 01.03.02 – Released: Nov 29, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added functionality to send CC emails
  • Added validation for the product security roles in ActionPipeline process
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix the issue where the Slider module does not validate the product security roles
  • Address the issue where custom order status count shows zero in admin dashboard
  • Address the issue where Product-Grid shows an error after AddToCart due to the File-Upload new feature

RazorCart ver. 01.03.01 – Released: Nov 20, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Add setting to "Disable User Profile Sync" for Checkout & MyAccount modules
  • Now print order on order confirmation page will use the pre-defined invoice template
  • Added support for the File-Upload product variant
  • Admin dashboard order status are now fully user configurable
  • Allow the Product SEOURL field to be imported/exported using the CSV files
  • Add product/variant level support to the product discount options
  • Keep the original product price displayed (strikethrough) after applying the discount
  • Added support for Product Image Title & Alt Tags
  • Added functionality for printing multiple selected orders at the same time
  • Added integration with ShipWorks
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix the issue where inactive products disappear in Admin-Console
  • Improvement & minor bug fixes for the Recurring Scheduler
  • Send the billing info to PayPal Standard instead of shipping info
  • Address the issue where only one product slider module can be rendered on the same page
  • Recurring Scheduler now sends emails using the pre-defined templates

RazorCart ver. 01.02.09 – Released: Oct 25, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added subscription management to MyAccount module
  • Improvement for the Sales Summary Report
  • Added support for child portal/alias without having to create an IIS App
  • Ability to set a custom order status as default when new order is created
Bug Fixes:
  • Address the issue where the disabling inventory management still prevent AddToCart functionality
  • Address the issue where the minimum UserEnteredAmount is not validated if the value was zero

RazorCart ver. 01.02.08 – Released: Oct 11, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added filter orders by payment status options
  • Added filter orders/customers by ID (Use # sign)
  • Option to disable email functionality when payment was declined
  • Added All Sales Summary Report by Categories
  • Display tooltips for the Variant/Group descriptions
Bug Fixes:
  • Address the issue where the custom shipping method selected value clears after clicking calculate
  • Address the issue where the CSV import parsing number fails if the value was NaN
  • Address the issue where importing product custom fields doesn't update the field value
  • Address the issue caused the categories pager to display one page only

RazorCart ver. 01.02.07 – Released: Sep 27, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added fourth payment method gateway credentials field.
  • Added support for Bundled Products
  • Added SortOrder field that can be modified from the product edit screen
  • Added setting to disable inventory management and prevent the decrement for Quantity-On-Hand
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix the review date format on the ProductDetails module

RazorCart ver. 01.02.06 – Released: Sep 25, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added import/export functionality for the Product Field Templates
  • Custom Form Modal: Added option to override with a different form for each product
  • Product Discounts By Role: Add option to apply the discount for a user "Is-Not-In" the role (Role Invert)
  • Allow a product to be activated in a certain period of time only (Active From/To dates)
  • Add functionality to select to include the product details/properties when cloning
  • The ability to display product badge/purchase date indicating if user already purchased product
  • Display the calculated variant price adjust to the shopping cart, wishlist & order details
  • Add the option to make a Add/Remove role effective while in shopping cart (Product Role Management)
  • Add Export/Import Product Custom Fields
  • Export products & customers will use the search/filter if applied
Bug Fixes:
  • Address the issue where Product Qty decrements when InventoryVariant is in-use
  • Address the issue where Product "Minimum Partial Amount" doesn't updates on edit mode
  • Address the issue where the RelatedProducts field does not show on the export sheet
  • Added a space to the comma sperated ID fields where MS Excel could convert the field to one long number

RazorCart ver. 01.02.05 – Released: Sep 11, 2017
  • Added Google Analytics Tracking support for all modules when load/paginating
  • Added Category Discounts management screen "Edit Category > Category Discounts"
  • Added send an email when Product Review created using predefined email template
  • Added Manage Orders screen From/To date filtering
  • Added Start/End dates to the Product Discounts By Role
  • Added manage Wallet/Address & view Downloads to the My-Account module
  • Customers can choose to opt-in when they checkout
  • Added option for Custom Form Modal after add to cart
  • Show Sold Out message on List/Details modules
  • Added Variant level support (multi variants selection) to the Product Add Roles feature
Bug Fixes:
  • Address the issue where downloadable product download button doesn't display after the return from hosted gateway

RazorCart ver. 01.02.03 –  Released: Aug 11, 2017

  • Added Show/Hide Products based on Security Roles
  • Improvement the CSV-Reader when importing CSV files
  • Checkout Pipeline speed & performance improvement

Bug fixes:

  • Addressed issue where the IE11 displays an error after adding to cart
  • Request the Checkout Cart-Totals to be updated when the user changes the shipping address

RazorCart ver. 01.02.01 –  Released: Aug 02, 2017

  • Added Order Fulfillment management to allow creating mutiple shipment per order.
  • Added Order CSV Export functionality

Bug fixes:

  • Address XHR status code return empty when using Google Chrome with HTTP/2.0

RazorCart ver. 01.01.03 – Released: Jul 11, 2017 Enhancements:


  • Added Checkout Login/Registration form the option to allow guest checkout if needed
  • Added order shipping email using pre-defined email template.
  • Added the Price-Field to List/Details modules when UserEnteredAmount is enabled
Bug Fixes:
  • Address the product minimum/maximum order qty validation not working.
  • RESTful API: Grant access to the store scopes for the JWT that was requested by a Superuser without an Administrator's role.

RazorCart ver. 01.01.02 – Released: Jun 21, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Collect the P.O. Number when checkout using P.O. payment method.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix Tree-View does not show categories (Edit Product > Categories) page

RazorCart ver. 01.01.01 – Released: Jun 14, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Change Custom Ship Method by Quantity to group shopping cart items per common category
  • Add new setting for Search Result module to allow only display results from specific Search module
  • Add Gateway Config method for Custom Gateway Checkout Buttons
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix IE/MS Edge redirecting issue for hosted gateway
  • Fix variant calculation price on update shopping cart quantity

RazorCart ver. 01.01.00 – Released: May 26, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Gateway Design & Implementation Enhancement: (Custom Gateways required to rebuild with the new assemblies)
    • Add InContext Gateway ProcessMode
    • Add Gateway Config method for CredentialsField settings
    • Add Gateway Config method for Checkout PageScript resources
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix AngularJS/AJAX Redirect issue on IE/MS Edge
  • Fix Product Detail Url when using special character in SEOUrl field
  • Enhancement for the Custom Shipping Cost by Quantity/Weight Calculation method
  • Fix Hosted Gateway ReturnUrl/NotificationUrl when not using DNN FriendlyUrlProvider in Advanced mode (DNN Bug workaround)
  • Sending Email enhancement & improvement
  • Fix parsing the PayPal DateTime value

RazorCart ver. 01.00.14 – Released: May 3, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Booking Schedule Report
  • Support Booking/Variants in AdminConsole > Add/Edit Order > Add/Edit Items
  • Add time picker support for the AdminConsole DateTime fields
  • Added Layered Navigation feature filtering (when using multiple Category-Menus)
  • Product-Grid can be used with Category menu (when used as Hyperlinks)
Bug Fixes:
  • Due to the DNN UpgradeProvider not working in some cases, Add Schedulers functions will also be called from AdminConsole if wasn't already created, also the FixPersonaBarPermission (DNN9 only) will be called when recycling the application from the Admin-Console
  • Various layout/design improvements
  • Fix Category-Menu/Product-List filtering issue
  • Update Authorize.Net for the new Gateway security change

RazorCart ver. 01.00.13 – Released: Apr 18, 2017 Enhancements:
  • My-Account (new module) with Cancel Subscription functionality
  • Inventory Variants (Variant combinations)
  • Add pagination to the Product Grid module
  • Add Cancel Subscription on MyAccount module
Bug Fixes:
  • Remove the deleted product flag when import using same SKU
  • Icon/Swatch variants, only one can be chosen in variants group
  • Various layout/design improvements

RazorCart ver. 01.00.12 – Released: Apr 13, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Product can be imported into categories using the header field "Categories" / comma separated integer values
Bug Fixes:
  • Add user to a role only when payment/subscription success

RazorCart ver. 01.00.11 – Released: Apr 6, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added Checkout Customer Wallet
  • Added Product Grid (new module)
  • Added Product Localization feature
Bug Fixes:
  • Category Filtering with Checkboxes
  • Minor Bug Fixes

RazorCart ver. 01.00.10 – Released: Mar 24, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added support for Downloadable Products
  • Added Product Role Managment
Bug Fixes:
  • Pipeline & Gateway extensibility improvement
  • Address Advanced Search settings re-saving
  • Fix duplicate SKUs for deleted products

RazorCart ver. 01.00.09 – Released: Mar 15, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added support for variant level coupons
  • Product and Category export functionality
  • Custom pluggable gateways
Bug Fixes:
  • Minor formatting issues resolved

RazorCart ver. 01.00.08 – Released: Mar 1, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added Restful API Endpoints
  • Added Product Import/Export
Bug Fixes:
  • Improvement & minor bug fixes

RazorCart ver. 01.00.07 – Released: Feb 10, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added Abandoned Cart Reporting
  • Added Abandoned Cart Email Campaign
Bug Fixes:
  • Views Design/Layout improvement

RazorCart ver. 01.00.06 – Released: Jan 31, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added Url Rewriter library for SEO Product URLs

RazorCart ver. 01.00.05 – Released: Jan 27, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added Quick Order Entry (new module)

RazorCart ver. 01.00.04 – Released: Jan 17, 2017 Enhancements:
  • Added support for recurring billing
  • Product Details - Added social share bar
Bug Fixes:
  • MiniCart design improvement
  • Admin-Console improvement & minor bug fixes

RazorCart ver. 01.00.03 – Released: Jan 9, 2017 Bug Fixes:
  • Improvement & minor bug fixes

RazorCart ver. 01.00.02 – Released: Dec 19, 2016 Enhancements:
  • Added Advanced Search (new module)
Bug Fixes:
  • Checkout improvement & minor bug fixes

RazorCart ver. 01.00.01 – Released: Dec 11, 2016 Enhancements:
  • ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller) Design Pattern
  • AngularJS — Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework
  • Bootstrap — The world's most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end
  • Fully-Extensible Pipeline Architecture
  • Custom View-Set Support
  • Multi-Portal — Multi-Store
  • Awesome Admin Console
  • SmithCart Upgrade Edition
Bug Fixes:
  • First stable release.