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Mobile Swiper

Plug. Swipe. Transaction complete. With ID TECH’s UniPay™ mobile reader, accepting credit card payments from your phone or tablet is simple and secure. The mobile swiper plugs into your tablet’s audio jack and you're ready to go. Supports contact chip, smart card reading (EMV), and proven, reliable magnetic stripe decoding.

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 Windfall Tablet Stand

Windfall Tablet Stand - Strong, lightweight, stylish — choose your color and slide in your tablet. Use anywhere in your business, alone or with cash drawer and other components.

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The cash register, reinvented.


Use the Windfall Box Set to keep your cash safe and secure while you work. Easy to assemble and its small letter sized foot print saves counter space. Heavy-duty construction stands up to bumps and bangs of crazy-busy days. Set it (cable lock included) or mount it on the counter and your tablet attaches on top — it even swivels. Or mount the drawer under the counter to save more space.


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@Rest Mini Tablet Stand

Solid construction, lots of cool colors. Just slide in your mini-tablet. Lightweight, stable, ready to move around your store, salon or restaurant. Or take it out to your customers in your food truck or work van.

 iPad Mini Stand (Coming Soon)
 Google Nexus 7 (Available Now)

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 Receipt Printer

Star Micronics TSP 650 Wireless receipt printer sits on your counter or mount underneath to reduce clutter. Print at high speeds (300mm/sec).

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