Use Business Directory to easily and professionally publish a comprehensive, online business or organization directory.

Alongside a wide assortment of built in directory features, module offers both administrator and user control panels to view and administer business listings, support for Authorize.Net automated recurring billing (ARB), complete listing automation and is extremely easy to install and customize.

The Business Directory can be used for many application including:

  • Business Listings
  • Classifieds
  • Company Directories
  • Press Releases
  • School Listings
  • Job Listings
  • Yellow Pages
  • Shopping Directories
  • Catalogs
  • Tourism Guides
  • and many more!

Smith Directory supports three levels of listings that are configured by the administrator. For example, you could configure a basic listing offered for free, a standard listing for $99 and premium listing for $199. You can choose the amount to bill for these listings and then define one time billing or recurring billing monthly, quarterly, semiannual and yearly.   Smith Directory supports Authorize.Net recurring subscription payments and clients can automatically activate their own listings simply by completing a payment with their credit card.   Clients can upgrade or modify their listings at anytime.   You can toggle free listings to automatically activate or you can require administrator approval on each listing.

The following five modules are included in the Smith Directory:

  • Signup Module
  • Search Module
  • Glossary Module
  • My Listings Module
  • Admin Console Module

Listing Features
  • Search through profiles easily and view them with customizable display options.
  • Search module allows users to quickly find listings using multiple key search fields including search by location, city, state, zip code, etc.
  • Directory listing search and glossary module utilizes AJAX for searching and paging to enable fast display and support for large databases of customers and listings.
  • Paging enabled with configurable page size.
  • Complete listing information including contact information, website, address, phone, fax, email, upload logo or photo and support for an unlimited number of custom fields
  • Users can upload and publish photos with their business listing including logos, banners and photos.
  • Multiple listing levels Include different features with each listing level. For example, the picture, or live web links can be limited to a premium listing level or paid levels.
  • Detail Pages – Premium paid listings include a full detail page of user configurable fields.
  • Spotlight listings for paid listings
  • Reviews and Ratings to capture user feedback and create dynamic community content.
  • Glossary module allows for alphabetical business directory lookup and search features.
  • Option to charge for subscriptions
  • Recurring billing support
  • Create categories
  • Ability to add multiple signup modules, search modules and glossary modules to different pages in your portal gives you the ability to create pages in different categories.
  • Users self-publish, increasing site participation, content, and value to users
  • Easy HTML customization of screens
  • All of the business directory pages will open in Visual Studio, Dreamweaver or Frontpage, only HTML (editor) skill required.
  • Customize email messages sent to your users
  • View earnings reports, from your active listing subscriptions.
  • Users who signup are automatically added to DNN registered users role so you can maintain a client mailing list and keep in touch using email marketing.
  • Automated renewal reminders - Listing owners and portal administrator will receive an email notification to renew and update their listing prior to expiration.

Administrator Features
  • Manage listings
  • Custom field generator and editor allows you to custom configure fields available for each listing level
  • Manage categories
  • Configure payment gateways
  • Manage products and product pricing
  • View orders, invoices, transactions
  • Manage membership features
  • Manage users and user groups
  • Popup calendar
  • Import customer and directory listings from any other application that can export to CSV

User Features
  • Account management
  • View orders, invoices, and transactions.
  • Submit listings
  • Manage profile images


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