Start an online business without the hassle of buying inventory, packaging, or shipping.

We've got everything you need to start a dropshipping business! From integrations to a fully-featured eCommerce software platform, we make it easy to sell online and streamline your supplier and shipping processes.

How does dropshipping work?

Customers place orders through your online store and the order details get automatically sent to your supplier. Your supplier then fulfills the order managing the entire pick, pack and ship process. Using a dropshipping supplier means saving on inventory space, and not paying for products until you’ve sold them! Drop shipping is a great way to kick start an online business and minimize your startup costs. RazorCart has built-in functionality perfect for dropshippers.

Shipping and Inventory Management for Dropshipping Stores

When an order is placed in your RazorCart Store, you can configure a custom email template to send to your dropshipping supplier. The supplier is assigned at the product level so if you are using multiple dropshipping suppliers to fulfill your orders, each can receive a custom email template. The supplier receives automatic order notifications via email so you don't have to manually transmit information. 

Automate the Process with RazorCart

It’s obvious that companies need to automate their eCommerce business to reduce the dependency on human-driven processes. Automating your order notification process reduces errors and is more efficient than manually notifying suppliers of new orders. Your dropship suppliers can get orders fulfilled more efficiently, leading to faster shipping times and happier customers!

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