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  • Shopping Cart Software for DNN and Asp.Net
  • Online Bill Payment
  • User Registration with Subscriptions and Recurring Billing
  • ERP Integration - Dynamics, QuickBooks, Oracle & Epicor
  • Merchant Accounts - Credit Card and eCheck Processing
  • Payment Gateway Integration and Setup
  • Programming in ASP.Net, C#, SQL, DNN
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Website Design

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  • Custom eCommerce and registration modules to fit your business
  • Real-time integration with back-end systems
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Support and Training


  • Full C# .Net source code available for all modules
  • SEO optimized with friendly URLs
  • All the building blocks you need to create robost ecommerce solutions
  • Web Services  & APIs available for integration
  • Professional consultants ready to serve you, plus extended community support
  • The best ecommerce modules for the DotNetNuke platform

In The News

1/30/16 - Smith Cart DNN Module - New Releases and Roadmap

2/1/16 - Smith Cart DNN Module - New Features

  • New Payment Gateway - Heartland SecureSubmit Payment Gateway (Direct)

5/12/14 - Smith Cart DNN Module - New Features

11/27/13 - Smith Cart DNN Module - New Features

  • Booking and Scheduling module - Integrated with SmithCart and can used in the following applications:
    • Booking/Reservations
    • Accommodation Booking
    • Rentals - Hotel, Car, Etc.
    • Facility Reservation and Scheduling
      • Sports
      • Recreation
      • Conference Room Reservations
      • Event Management
  • Autoship Module - Enables your SmithCart E-Commerce site to offer auto-delivery programs.
    • Customers can automatically receive new order shipments on a recurring basis.
    • Creates new orders and recurring billing credit card transactions automatically.
    • The SmithCart AutoShip modules allows you create recurring revenue from your customers and improve operational efficiency.
  • Amazon S3 Integration with Smith Cart for downloadable products.
  • New Payment Gateways
    • First Data E4 Web Service
    • Beanstream (Digital River)
    • Amazon Checkout
    • PayPal Adaptive Payments API
    • Moneris eSelectPlus Payment Gateway (Canada)
    • Cybersource
    • PayPal Standard IPN
    • First Data Global Connect PayPlus Payment Form integration
    • Barclaycards EPDQ Payment Gateway Integration
    • USA ePay
    • World Pay Direct
    • Setcom Payment Gateway
    • Authorize.Net (AIM) Emulator
    • RedFin Network
    • PayJunction
    • Monster Pay
    • RevoPIN
    • Paymex - New Zealand's Payment Gateway
    • Google Checkout
    • SagePay Direct Integration
    • SecurePay's PCI compliant payment gateway. SecurePay is a business of Australia Post.
    • Netaxept (Nets) - Norway
  • ​Shipwire - Real time shipping rate and fulfillment integration
    • ​Shipwire offers outsourced ecommerce order fulfillment and logistics services for business. Warehouses in the US, Canada, UK, and Hong Kong.
    • Supported Shipping Carriers include: UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Purolator, Royal Mail, Pharos, FedEx Freight, EuroTrux Freight and Shipwire Freight options.
    • Integrated SmithCart with Shipwire XML Rate and Fulfillment API.
  • Zip2Tax - Real time tax calculation in the cart.
  • Australia Post eDeliver Delivery Rate Calculator (DRC) API integration to calculate real time shipping rates.
  • Commission Junction and Share a Sale advertising network integration
  • Product import enhancements
  • Google Merchant Feeds
  • Google Ecommerce Analytics

4/7/11 - Smith Cart DNN Module - New features in Cart v3.28

  • GST/PST and HST Support
  • EU VAT Enhancements
    • The ability for products to be entered exclusive of VAT
    • The ability to charge VAT if selling to the same country (Seller country defined in BuyNow module settings “Home Country”)
  • The ability to not charge VAT for sales outside home country. The destination country is determined by the bill to address collected in the cart checkout.
  • The ability not to charge VAT if company user enters a valid VAT ID number.
    • Added a new textbox to the cart page where the user can enter a VAT ID on the cart page so they can see the order recalculate with no VAT after entering a valid VAT ID
  • Real time automated validation of the entered VAT number at the EU Commission VIES site.
  • Google Ecommerce Analytics - Integrated the cart with Google Ecommerce Analytics to track purchases. Each user's transaction information is sent from the cart to the Google Analytics database as it occurs. Provides the ability to track a specific referral source to a conversion or purchase in the cart.

4/2/11 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Recent Features Added

  • Cart Themes
  • Category Descriptions
  • Category Menu enhancements
  • Hide Quantity by Product
  • Hide Price by Product
  • UPS Package features
  • New Vendor Module - Extends Smith Cart to provide Marketplace or "Ecommerce Mall" capability similar to vendorsbay.com. Allows “Vendors” to sell products on your site
  • New Gift/Weddding Registry Module - Smith Cart plugable module

2/10/11 - Smith Cart DNN Module - New Features

  • SkipJack Payment Gateway
  • New Language Packs for Smith Cart - language localized resx files
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Italian
    • French

1/10/11 - Smith Cart DNN Module - New Payment Gateways

  • RBS WorldPay Payment Gateway Integration
  • PayWay by WestPac Payment Gateway Integration (www.payway.com.au)
  • ANZ eGate Payment Gateway Integration
  • CBOSS Central Payment Portal (CPP) Payment Gateway Integration - Specialized gateway and solutions serving e-Government, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit and services industries.
  • SagePay bank hosted payment page
  • Realtors Electronic Commerce Network (realtor.org) - Used by Regional MLS’s and associations who are Points of Entry on the NRDS system for their members to pay invoices online and take advantage of the online Realtor Clearinghouse and credit card rates.

10/21/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Release 3.87

  • New buynow module setting that allows configuration of "default category" or "ALL"for product catalog listing
  • Added country dropdown list to the Shipping By Zip Code setup screen accessed from the store admin
  • SEO Upgrades

10/12/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Release 3.86

  • The ability to group shipping costs by product category
  • Merchant e-Solutions payment gateway integration

10/8/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Release 3.85

  • Product detail page as a separate module
    • Ability to add other modules to the product details page
    • SEO Friendly URLs (i.e. myDomain.com/yourproduct.aspx)
  • New BuyNow module setting titled "Force Unique Sku". When "Force Unique Sku" is checked the Add Product page will check if the sku exists already before allowing you to add the sku. If the sku already exists in the database a message "Sku Already Exists" will be displayed to the user.

9/24/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Release 3.81

  • PayPal Website Payments Pro recurring payments
  • Export Orders enhancement - 2 file formats supported. Option to set status to "Shipped"
  • New cart setting for VAT/GST label
  • Share Saved Cart/Wish List
    • Add new button to save cart screen titled "Share Cart"
    • User A can invite user B to login/create an account and access user A’s saved cart and retrieve that cart for editing or continue to checkout.
    • Customizable welcome email sent to the recipient (User B) inviting them to join site and viw cart
  • Print quote - generates a custom html invoice which the user can print
  • Automated email reminder notifying users with aging saved carts to buy. The email reminder frequency or number of days since the cart was saved is configurable by store admin.

9/6/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Release 3.7

  • Image alt tags for all product photos
    • Product SEO setup screen - Added product photo Alt Tag 1-6
    • Product photo Alt Tags added to product listing and details pages
  • Expiration dates for coupon codes
  • New "Quick Order Entry" module - The quick order entry module allows people to just quickly enter a SKU and a quantity, and then verify with the description. Useful for resellers, distributers, call centers and catalog order companies where the user knows what they want, so rather than searching for a product, clicking on it, putting in a quantity, adding it to the cart, clicking "Continue shopping", searching for another one, etc.. big time saver!
  • Adding "Authorize Only" transaction type for Paypal Standard, Paypal Website Payments Pro, Paypal Payflow Pro payment gateway options.
  • The ability to calculate shipping by quantity ordered with ship methods.
    • Create new backend admin screen to add, edit, delete shipping by quantity with ship methods.
    • Programming changes on the following pages to calculate shipping by quantity of the items in cart
      • Cart
      • Confirmation page (before payment)
      • Confirmation page (after payment)
      • Confirmation emails to user and store admin
      • Manage order details page
  • Add the ability to group categories together when calculating category discounts
    • Add a new group field to the category qty discount admin screen
    • In the category qty discount admin screen add a category group field that enables you to group category quantity discounts together.
    • Programming on the front end cart screen to query the items in the cart by category group and compute the category qty discount by group.
  • Product Setup Role Expiration Date - Changed the logic such that a subscription purchased adds the purchased time to the end of the expiry date or the purchase date whichever is the later. For example, if a customer orders a 1 year subscription (example on Jan1, 2010) their expiry date for that role will be Jan 1, 2011. If they then order a product that comes with a free 90 day subscription, on February 1, 2010 the cart will update their expiry date to April 1, 2011 which is 90 days from their current role expiry date. Prior to this change the cart always used the current date to calculate the role expiry date.

8/28/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Release 3.5

  • Product Import upgrade - added the following fields to import xls/csv
    • Description 2-5
    • Summary
  • Adding a new gateway option called "Web Service" in the cart settings where you can enter a URL for your web service the cart will post credit card transactions to.
    • When the user clicks the process payment button the cart will “post” standard variables to perform the credit card transaction to the url you configured.
    • The cart will accept a return “response” from the custom payment gateway web service.

8/21/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Release 3.4

  • Added custom fields from step1 and confirmation pages to the Manage order details screen
    • Add, edit and delete custom fields
  • Added two new custom date fields to the step 1 checkout that are saved to the orders table
  • Serialized Objects for Session State - Add the [Serializable] to all the info objects so they can be serialized in a session object on a session state server. This will allow you to run the cart in a web farm without sticky session on the load balancer.
  • Conditional variant enhancements

8/14/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Release 3.3

  • New feature to remove all shipping references in the checkout. Great for sites that sell products that are not shipped or for downloadable products.
    • New cart setting titled "Hide Shipping" that removes the shipping line item on the following pages:
      • Cart page
      • Confirmation page (before payment)
      • Confirmation page (after payment)
      • Customer and admin email confirmations
    • New cart setting under the "General Cart Setup" section titled "Shipping Label" that allows you to change the "Shipping" title in the checkout to anything that fits your requirement.
  • New features to support "Request a Quote" sites. When hide price is selected "Request a Quote" is displayed on all the checkout screens under the unit code field in the cart. New cart settings to hide the following fields:
    • Subtotal
    • Tax
    • Shipping
    • Discount
    • Order Total

8/11/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Release 3.2

  • Ability to charge tax in multiple states
  • Product Variant Matrix displayed in tab on product details page
  • Product Matrix by category
  • Product Listing Page Sorting
    • Price High to Low
    • Price Low to High
    • Brand A-Z
    • Brand Z-A
    • Sku A-Z
    • Sku Z-A
    • New Arrivals
    • Featured Items
  • Product Listing Page - new settings
    • Hide Search and Sort bar
    • Show Search Bar
    • Show Sort Bar
  • Product Listing Page - Show/Hide Summary field
  • Product import enhancement that allows updating existing products

7/28/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Release 3.0

  • Unlimited custom product fields
  • New button on the store admin menu called “Custom Product Fields”. When clicked it will load a form generator where the admin can create an unlimited number of custom fields by product. The following fields will be available in the custom product form generator:
    • Field label – defines the label for the custom field
    • Control type dropdownlist (textbox, dropdownlist, checkbox, radiobutton) – provides the ability to define values for dropdown lists, radio buttons and checkboxes
    • Product name dropdown – the product to apply this field to.
  • New button at the top of the product setup screen titled “Custom Fields”. When clicked it will display a new page where the admin can assign the values to the fields defined in “Custom Product Fields” screen. In addition to the populating the values for the custom fields the admin will also be able to choose the tab name that the custom fields will be displayed in. The custom fields will appear in the tabbed interface on the product details page so the user can view the custom product information.
  • BluePay payment gateway integration
  • Added ship method to the manage order details page

7/21/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Release 2.99

  • FedEx real time shipping calculator
  • Related Products / Cross Sells / Up Sells
    • New related products admin screen accessed from the product setup screen that allows add/edit/delete of related products
    • Ability to add multiple related products per product
    • Products can be related products for more than one product
    • Product details page will display related products in a tab
    • User can add related products to Cart or view details similar to product listing page
  • New “Ship Confirmation Email” button on the order details page to send new ship confirmation email.
  • New email tokens for ship confirmation email:
    • [OrderNumber]
    • [ShipDate]
    • [ShipMethod]
    • [TrackingNumber]
  • New settings for height and width to let you modify the size of the tabbed description on the product detail page. The new tab control height and width settings will be in the product setup screen and apply by product.
  • Tab control on product details page - Vertical scroll bar automatically removed if text does not fill the entire height of the active tab
  • New checkbox in the product setup screen titled “Hide Thumbnail” when checked the thumbnail image will not be displayed on the product listing page of the catalog.
  • Hiding prices for products in the catalog and checkout by product. Currently in the cart if a product is set for zero price the price is displayed as $0 and the checkout skips step 2 where the user enters there credit card info. The change will eliminate $0 from being displayed.
  • MyGate My Enterprise payment gateway integration (South African payment gateway)

7/15/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release 2.98

  • Unlimited nested sub category levels
  • Ability to add a product in more than one category and sub category
  • Shipping Tax Calculation - New section in the cart settings titled "Shipping Tax Calculation" that will have the following radio button options for you to apply globally to the cart:
    • Tax shipping always
    • Never tax shipping (currently the way the cart works)
    • Tax shipping only for taxable products - cart will lookup the tax flag for the product and only tax shipping for products that you have setup as taxable.
  • Programming on the cart screen to apply the proper tax calculation for the new "Shipping Tax Calculation" radio button selected.

7/10/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release 2.97

  • The ability to setup order level discount percentages based on multiple dnn roles. Currently the cart supports order level discount percentages but only allows you to define the discount percentage to a single dnn role.
  • New Product Listing page property to set the repeat direction for products to vertical or horizontal
  • Four new email tokens for the user defined fields from step 1 of checkout; [CUSTOMDATE], [CUSTOMDROPDOWN], [CUSTOMTEXTBOX1], [CUSTOMTEXTBOX2]
  • Product configurator
  • Product variant enhancements
    • Added new fields product sku and quantity on hand at the product variant level
    • Conditional variants - the ability to define variants to be displayed dynamically based on the selection of other variants.

6/21/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release 2.96

  • Sage payment gateway (SagePay) by Sage Payment Solutions
  • First Data Global Gateway Web Service API (Supports 32 bit and 64 bit servers)
  • Product variant enhancements
    • Adding new field variant group help URL. When the Help URL is populated with a link a question mark icon will be displayed next to the variant group on the product detail page. When the user clicks on the help icon it will popup a help page.
  • The ability to restrict shipping to certain states by product
  • The ability to require a user to log in in order to add to cart/checkout

6/14/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release 2.94

  • Save Cart/Wish List
  • Customer can save their cart or add to Wish List (Persists over Customer Visits also)
  • Customer can save multiple carts
  • Customer can move saved cart to regular cart for checkout
  • Customer can add, update and delete saved carts

6/11/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release 2.93

  • Quantity discounts by category
  • Multiple ship to addresses
  • Eway payment gateway
  • OnCheckoutComplete event - Ability to call a custom stored procedure after successful payment has been made on your store
  • Added settlement button to the manage order detail page that allows you to manually settle or capture credit card transactions to Authorize.Net

10/26/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Top items in development

  • Atandra T-HUB integration
    • Level 1 - Real time order sync
    • Level 2 - Real time shipping and inventory sync
  • Language localization
    • Adding resx files and resource keys to front end pages
    • Product localization table and management screen to localize data driven content
  • PayWay by WestPac Payment Gateway Integration (www.payway.com.au) - Australia
  • RBS WorldPay Payment Gateway Intregration
  • The ability for the category menu module to remember the state of the category or sub category selected after a page refresh or returning to the page.
  • The ability to create custom ship costs by country
  • Adding product description field to the order line item detail in the email confirmation
  • Export Order Page - Adding the following fields to the order export screen and allow sorting and filtering on the new fields.
    • Product ID
    • Sku
    • Product Name
    • Company Name
  • Manage inventory for product variant combinations (i.e Small red shirt, small bue shirt)
  • New multi-currency features enable the visitors to view and purchase products in multiple currencies/prices.
    • Adding a new button titled “Manage Currencies” on the store admin menu. Allows users to select multiple currencies to use in the cart and saved to a new table called “StoreCurrencies”,
    • A new drop down list has been added to the “buynow” module which only shows the added currencies on the current store instance.
    • Selecting a different currency from the dropdown list will update the price tag/currency symbol of products on the products page.
    • If no currencies have been added in “Manage Currencies” then the store will automatically run on default currency.
  • 3D Secure Integration (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Securecode) - developed by Visa and MasterCard to make online transactions using credit cards safer and more secure it adds another authentication step for online payments and reduce fraud.
  • Option to show/hide Sku on the Product Listing and Details Pages
  • Ability to show/hide the Description Tabs on Product Detail Page
  • Rotating products in featured products module
  • eWay Payment Gateway - New Zealand and UK
  • MAS 90 and MAS 200 integration with the cart - the ability to do a real time data transfer of customers, orders, order details and payment history from Smith Cart directly to MAS 90 or MAS 200 using the Sage Business Objects Interface (BOI) and ProvideX.
  • Enhanced QuickBooks connector integration with Smith Cart for real time data feeds from the cart directly into QuickBooks.
  • Front end for gift certificates (backend gift certificate management already included in cart)
  • Ability to change product variants directly on cart screen
  • Import quantity on hand from inventory management system
  • Custom cart setting to enable single page checkout or regular checkout

5/30/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release 2.91

  • Define shipping costs by postal code/zip code
  • Define shipping costs by weight
  • New product variant control type - textbox
  • Copy product variants feature added
  • New cart setting "Enable Inventory Management" - Enable or disable the cart checking for available inventory and the quantity on hand field from being decremented when an order is placed.

5/22/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release 2.90

  • PayPal Website Payments Standard recurring subscriptions
    • Daily Recurring Billing
    • Weekly Recurring Billing
    • Monthly Recurring Billing
    • Yearly Recurring Billing
  • Confirmation page - New custom fields
    • List box - Can be used to display terms and conditions before order placed. List box text configurable in cart admin settings.
    • Checkbox - Can be used to require user to click "Agree to Terms and Conditions" before order is placed
    • Checkbox required - Option to require user check the checkbox before ordering
  • Product detail page - option to show summary field on the product detail page

5/18/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release 2.88

  • New Distributor/Member pricing features - 2 levels of pricing based on user roles
  • Ability to add category module to any portal page
  • New payment methods
    • Purchase Order (PO)
    • Cash on Delivery (COD)
    • Check
    • Telephone

5/13/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release 2.87

  • New Payment Gateway - Payment Express (DPS) - Certified with banks in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Singapore, South Africa, USA and United Kingdom.

5/7/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release 2.86

  • SEO upgrade - Custom configurable URLs for categories and product catalog pages
  • Shipping upgrade
    • Charge a fixed shipping amount based on the order total
    • Custom shipping methods by order total
    • New shipping admin screen to enter order total range, custom ship methods and a fixed shipping amount.
  • Option to not save credit card number to database (PCI/CISP Compliance)
  • Mini Cart and Featured Products modules can now be added to any portal page
  • Elavon Internet Secure Payment Gateway
  • Elavon Virtual Merchant Payment Gateway (Formerly Nova)
  • New recurring billing options for 2 month and 3 month recurring intervals
  • Downloadable products upgrades
    • Anti piracy features for electronic products
    • Velocity checks - limits number of times a download link can be used
    • Watermarked PDFs

4/16/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release 2.80

  • Customer Reviews and Product Reviews
  • Quantity discounts by product
  • Automatic Serial number assignment for purchased products
  • Serial Number Management
    • Upload CSV of product serial numbers
    • Add/Update/Delete product serial numbers
  • All buttons converted to image buttons

4/7/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release - 2.76

  • jQuery tabbed interface for product description on product detail page - Configure up to 5 tabs for each product
  • Lightbox effect for product images
  • Upload up to six product photos the user can scroll thru using lightbox slideshow
  • Automatic thumbnail generation and resizing - maintains image aspect ratio and quality
  • View images uploaded in product setup
  • Option to show mini cart on product detail page
  • Option to enter fractional or partial quantities when ordering products
  • New send email button in manage orders screen to resend confirmation emails
  • New store reports
    • Top Products
    • Top Customers
    • Daily Sales Report
    • Monthly Sales Report
    • Quarterly Sames Report
    • Payment History Report with order detail drill down
    • Customer detail report with order detail drill down
  • Downloadable product upgrades
    • Hidden and encrypted URLs for downloadable products.
    • Downloadable product link on confirmation page changed to image button for better visibility
    • Option to generate and GUID in download url
    • Option to add download link to confirmation emails
  • Ability to add surcharge to an order - can be used for adding additional dollar amount or percentage to an order for credit card processing fee
  • Multi currency bug fixes - All currency supported
  • Updated the user interface with a more updated look and feel

3/21/10 - New Billing Manager Module - Invoicing & Tracking System

  • Hassle-free way for businesses to quickly & easily create and print invoices and bills online.
  • Send invoices via e-mail or print and send snail mail.
  • Email PDF invoices, as well as download and save them to your local computer.
  • Customers can pay their bills online using payment form that supports Authorize.Net and/or Paypal
  • Invoices can be created for one time payments or recurring billing
  • Automatically calculate and add tax to any invoice
  • Shipping charges can be added to any invoice
  • Store common client names and addresses and easily create an invoice with a click of the mouse.
  • Personalize the invoices
  • Accounts Receivable (A/R) tools and reports

3/10/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release - 2.64

  • Canada Post shipping carrier
  • Option to use dropdown, radio buttons or checkboxes for product variants
  • Upgraded multi currency in cart - All currency supported
  • Custom textbox and multi line textbox per product on Payment Detail page
  • PayPal Standard - Added New Zealand (NZD), Australian (AUD), United Kingdon (GBP) and Euro currency options.
  • USPS domestic and international shipping calculator fixes
  • Updated install script for DNN 5 for upgrading from earlier versions of the cart.
  • Added portal id to import products program.
  • Cart screen - fixed a bug where country and region was not populating when user is logged in.
  • Bug fix in calculating VAT/GST tax.

3/10/10 - Smith Consulting and IHOST Partnership

Smith Consulting has formed a partnership with IHOST, LLC; a leader in affordable DotNetNuke hosting. Starting in March 2010, all DotNetNuke installations deployed on ihostasp.net servers will contain the latest full version of Smith Cart DNN module, pre-installed and ready to use. Click here to read more

2/19/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Major Release -2.58

  • Featured Products module added
  • Enhanced QuickBooks export
  • Clickbank integration
  • South African Rand as a currency option
  • Added recurring billing for the NMI gateway. Recurring billing intervals supported are weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly
  • Special instructions field can be configured to be displayed on the final confirmation screen after the user clicks process payment. Added the option to have the special instructions field show up in the email.
  • Added email address to the confirmation email the cart sends out to the customer and store admin
  • Added the special instructions field to the manage orders screen with the ability to edit and save.
  • Added the product name to be sent to Authorize.net as the description field when credit card is authorized
  • Added all shipping address fields to be sent to Authorize.net when credit card is authorized
  • USPS International shipping enhancements

1/24/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Major Release -2.50

  • SEO Upgrade - Ability to add Title, Description and Keyword meta tags by product
  • Ability to run multiple carts within a single dnn install
    • PortalId added to all tables and stored procedures.
    • Product images stored in portal directory.
  • Configurable shipping methods/costs by product
  • New cart setting for currency symbol
  • Added option to prompt user to login at the beginning of checkout
  • Improved shipping rate calculations for UPS and USPS
  • International shipping improvements
  • Shipping cost override on coupons
  • Require a coupon or access code to purchase
  • Inteligent sorting and filtering on manage orders screen

1/14/10 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release -2.44.16

  • New categories module with sub categories
  • Rich text editor for managing product description
  • Added tax exempt flag to product setup screen
  • New order management screens for store admin
  • Order export added
  • Improved email confirmation formatting
  • VAT/GST Tax
  • Coupon percentage discounts
  • Option to combine custom shipping methods with USPS or UPS

12/5/09 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release -2.44.14

  • Custom shipping methods
  • In the cart settings added the ability to configure custom shipping costs (i.e. Standard $18.00, Overnight $28.00, Saturday Overnight $40.00, Pick Up, Free Shipping)
  • Custom shipping methods populate dropdown on cart screen for user selection
  • Added last 4 digits of the credit card on the invoice
  • MyGate payment gateway added
  • First Data Global Connect Gateway recurring billing added

11/25/09 - Smith Cart DNN Module - Minor Release - 2.44.12

  • Added company name, sku and ship method to order confirmation email
  • Added the ability to enter the number of days to expire dnn role after purchase. Defaults to never expire
  • Added special instructions, user defined textbox1, user defined textbox2, user defined dropdown and user defined date to order confirmation page
  • Second price field added for sale price or member price
  • Tax by Canadian Province plus flat tax by country

11/3/09 - Smith Cart Dotnetnuke Shopping Cart Module - New Release

  • Associating multiple images per product. Image dynamically changes when product attribute changes
  • Added two new user defined textbox fields to step 1 of checkout.
  • New cart setting to control display of Company Name field in checkout
  • New Store Admin Menu created where you can define user role access permissions to the manage your store, add/edit products, etc.
  • QuickBooks export of customer list to csv
  • QuickBooks export of orders to QuickBooks IIF
  • UPS Worldship integration
    • Export orders from cart to UPS Worldship
    • Import trracking # from UPS Worldship to cart